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She was never supposed to become part of the equation. If you want to replace my name with yours in your head feel free to) Based on the fanfics: For the Life Unlived & For the Life Unchanged by Cole TReed My A/B/O verse. No matter how many times he looked in the mirror and saw the same body he had before reflecting back at him, he was hiding a form that would guarantee him a one way trip to a government testing facility. The cool air forcing her to put on the old leather jacket the Vagabond had given her so many years ago, it's patched fabric sewed all over from her many misdeeds. It was one particular night that Meg met Michael for the first time.

It will include mini sometimes out of sequence, but all set in the same universe (mostly) A/B/O fics, and will include all the pairings/character's listed above. The Rooster Teeth Agency is a collection of the brightest and strongest.

In September 2012, their episode involving crushing watermelons was featured on The Tonight Show.

Free has appeared alongside Gruchy in the annual You Tube Rewind series since 2013.

As Lindsay explores Austin with the help of her personal AI, Meg, and the information she finds, she begins to piece together the picture that Burns doesn’t quite want her to.

Lindsay Tuggey is one of the best AI specialists for hire in the Earth-Luna system.So when Burns Technologies tells her that they want the AI of their lunar transfer station “Austin” back, she figures it’ll be an up-and-done job.Board the station, pull the AI’s software from all modules, grab the central wetware from the AI core, get back to Burns HQ for a quick payday. When Lindsay boards Austin, something has gone horribly wrong.Mainly a young Geoff who couldn't even fathom the affect she would later have to come on his life. This is a story full of anger, happiness, sadness, betrayal, joy, and love in all its forms.

You will find an evil that is horrendous in all it does, and a light so pure you wonder why it's here in the first place.

Fifty people wake up in a dark room together gathered around around a dome, put in assigned spots. t's finally date night for the mobster and officer, excitement for both parties, while going to Geoff's restaurant, Joel's long time friend will find ways to fuck with him, but thankfully the officer is there to save the day, and prevent Joel from punching his friend out.