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Not too shabby – I’m not sure I want to be exactly that, but I really admired his tenacity of approaching women in all kinds of situations and of not caring what they thought.I felt like I was in the presence of a someone a lot more skillful than me in this area and I just soaked it all in – listening to his stories and advice.It didn’t look like they were a couple – just friends.The girl looked up at me as I came over to stand by the heat lamp and I opened with something really simple like “man it’s cold here – and it’s so nice to stand by this lamp”.


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You have to beg them to get a hair cut or just shave every now and again. Sure, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but do to make an effort, lads. But a lifetime of sitting on their butts and a junk food diet is going to wreak havoc on their bodies in the next 10 years. Politics of any kind is unknown to them unless it’s relevant to gaming.

Every night is like a pajama sleep over that ends in sex. That’s before spending every night in playing League of Legends or Assassin’s Creed gets really, boring. My focus was being good enough for them with no question as to whether they were good enough for me.