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07-Dec-2017 16:07

The sinner’s label has been tattooed on my body; many reports of this type has made ​​me numb already! ” Asked directly if he still had romantic feelings towards Cecilia Cheung, Edison took a deep breath before stating, “Why don’t you find a group of writers to write a script? Due to the immense pressure, he had a mentality of “getting ready to die.” After overcoming the greatest scandal in his career to-date, Edison had nothing else left to fear.After the nude photo scandal occurred, Edison lived in the United States to lessen the public pressure.His final film in Hong Kong as of 2013 is The Sniper, which was filmed before the Edison Chen photo scandal.He also filmed a cameo as a thug in The Dark Knight but because of the scandal, his role was reduced and was seen very briefly as a receptionist instead.This remained as the most shattering sex scandal in the Hong Kong entertainment in recent years.While Edison asked the media to focus on his work instead, the public remained fixated on his sex life and eager to consume rumors revolving around Edison’s myriad women. From a certain standpoint, I am helping someone else. ” Still Believes in Love Edison had declared recently that he still thought of his ex-girlfriend, Vincy Yeung (楊永晴). Perhaps now is not a good time to pursue this relationship.” Still eager to find true love, Edison possessed dreams of getting married, having a family and children.

Chen was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, of Chinese and 1/8 Portuguese descent. Palmer Secondary School in Richmond, British Columbia and also attended Hong Kong International School.

In an interview with Now TV, Edison said, “The media spun this story.