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Some of today's basketball staples, including the layup, the one-hand shot and the dunk, were created by college players.National Invitational Tournament, or NIT In 1938, a group of sports writers in New York wanted to introduce the concept of a national college basketball champion.College Basketball Early 1900's The spread was made possible primarily through two avenues; first, as mentioned, the YMCA gave the game an outlet that was not only nationwide, but worldwide, in addition to spreading it among young people, helping it grow through time.The second avenue was college; college basketball was far more widespread and popular than any early professional leagues.In 1938, they eliminated a jump ball at center court after each basket (speeding up the game and creating higher scores).The Original Celtics, and in particular one of their players, Nat Holman, brought passing to a new level in the 1920's , while ball-handling became an art under Marques Haynes of the Globetrotters.

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Late at night on the final before the final day of the two weeks he was given, he created a set of 13 rules for Basket Ball.

None of the teams in existence today come from those old leagues, though one team, the Original Celtics from New York, helped inspire the naming of the Boston Celtics, while the Harlem Globetrotters, just an exhibition team (not in a professional league) came into existence in 1927.

Still, while the teams did not last, some of the changes they brought did.

In 1939, the first NCAA basketball championship tourney was played between Brown, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah State, Villanova and Wake Forest, with Oregon beating Ohio State for the title, 46-33.

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Like the NIT, the NCAA tournament would grow over time, most recently expanding to 68 teams.

Wooden backboards were added in 1896, while the number of players on the court was limited to five in 1900, after some games had gotten out of control, with reports of more than 50 people trying to play on the court at once.

W przypadku tej ostatniej nawet myśl o takiej sytuacji nie wchodziła w grę: Ranya w ekstazie sprawdzała czarny detonator z okrągłym, czerwonym przyciskiem zainstalowanym na jednej ze ścianek. Wydawało się, że z małych, czarnych oczu sypią się jasne iskry, a twarz - wyglądająca dobrotliwie i niewinnie - promieniała ciekawością, jakby dziewczyna miała za chwilę otworzyć paczkę z prezentem urodzinowym. Właśnie tego dnia przypadała trzecia rocznica śmierci jej starszego brata: trzy lata, przez które jej własna śmierć nabierała kształtu.… continue reading »

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