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That’s how she went into the earth 45 years ago, and that’s how she’s coming back out.“Mountain Jane Doe,” as some locals know her, was stabbed to death in 1969 and left naked in the woods near town.The following agencies are permitted to claim copyright and any works of these agencies should be assumed to be copyrighted without clear evidence to the contrary: County of Santa Clara v.CFAC held that the State of California cannot enforce a copyright in any record subject to the Public Records Act in the absence of another state statute giving it the authority to do so."Public records" include "any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the public’s business prepared, owned, used, or retained by any state or local agency regardless of physical form or characteristics." Cal. In addition, computer software is not considered a public record.California's Constitution and its statutes do not permit any agency to claim copyright for "public records" unless authorized to do so by law.She was a murder victim believed to be from somewhere else whose badly decayed remains offered too few hints about her identity long before DNA science and other forensic methods became widely available.On the day before Thanksgiving last year, Todd Matthews, a onetime factory worker from Livingston, Tennessee, stood in the frigid morning air near the grave, waiting for the Kentucky State Police and a local coroner to arrive with shovels and pickaxes.

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– There’s no easy way to reach the wooded hillside with an excavator, so the plan is to dig her up by hand, one spade of Kentucky dirt at a time.Also standing graveside in the chill was Darla Jackson, an amateur historian and local mortuary owner with thick ribbons of raven-black hair framing her face.