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One of the key components is the use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.

All information exchanged between our secure server and your browser is encrypted, ensuring the safety of your information online.

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Clicking on the padlock will show verification that the connection is encrypted.

We are seeing a concerted global effort to complete the task of Bible translation in every language, and we are excited to see that the end is in sight.

Before too long, every tribe and nation could have access to the life-giving Word of God.

The Shilluk people represent one of the top five largest ethnic groups, and are about 45% Christian.

The South Sudan Refugee Literacy project will serve the Shilluk and is expected to impact about 6400 people, with literature classes due to commence in 2017.The Scriptures were distributed to those who didn’t have them, the Bible was translated, and support was given to those in need of the Bible’s message of truth, goodness and the unconditional love of Jesus.

Thanks to you, the staffs of these institutions will essentially be out of work. Surely, they would be delighted to save the expense of hospitalization - at least the companies which haven't invested in hospitals, where the staff is now sitting around waiting for someone to break a leg or be in a car accident..the ones who don't lose policyholders as a result of your invention..the companies which aren't trying to divest their pharmaceutical stock. It looks like you just might have a little problem with the medical establishment, no? What follows, now, is the story of exactly such a sensational therapy and what happened to it.… continue reading »

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This practice differs from the majority of Sub-Saharan African societies that practice "homogenous inheritance" in which property is transmitted only to children of the same sex as the property holder.… continue reading »

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- Video/audio chat - In searches you see only users with the same goals as you.… continue reading »

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Henry will do whatever it takes to marry Anne Boleyn, even defying Pope Paul III.… continue reading »

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A zip lining and urban adventure course will launch this summer.… continue reading »

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