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This is an action thriller packed with bigger than life heroes. ; black cloth with metallic lettering ; no dustjacket ; ex-lib, stamps, label, date due, pocket ; "The focus of this work is on the practical, on-the-job dealings for a broad spectrum of applications "--Charlie Deuel Hurt ; VG [Hong Kong : London Mission Society Press, c1861] ; Shanghai : Shanghai Shangye Yingshuguan, n.d., 1861. He graduated from Highbury Theological College in 1837, joined the London Missionary Society in 1838 and went to Malacca in 1839 as a missionary. Filled with ghosts, innkeepers who make hamburgers of their guests, giants of superhuman strength, beautiful women in distress, wily intellectuals and crafty merchants, this is a timeless tale of love and adventure. ; ISBN: 0133808165; 9780133808162 LCCN: 82-20480 ; OCLC: 8907601 ; LC: TK1001; Dewey: 621.312 ; Contents: Principles and characteristics of dc generators -- Principles and characteristics of ac generators -- Engine-driven and gas-turbine generators -- Conversion equipment -- Distribution systems -- Transformer construction, types, and characteristics -- Transformer connections - polarity -- Parallel operation of transformers -- Connections and applications of auto-transformers -- Control transformers -- Transformer installation, care and operation -- Pole and platform mounting of transformers -- Saturable core reactors -- Pole-line construction -- Underground wiring -- Grounding of systems -- Glossary -- Index. ; bound in Chinese fashion, with folded sheets right to left, in a western-style, mid-nineteenth century cloth board cover binding with decorations ; James Legge, the famous Scottish sinologist and missionary of the London Missionary Society was born in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on Dec 20th, 1815.There are many which i might have left like Dying Light, Sims series, Prince of persia series, Crysis series, Batman Arkham series til arkham Origins, Mad Max, PES 2015 and 16, the witcher series including the 3rd edition, Fallout series even the fourth edition of the game, Just Cause 1 and 2, Medal of honor series and many more.

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In the meantime I telegraph by the mail--Replace invoice immediately, sending one half by Suez Canal and one half round Cape--this will divide the risk.' After printing the books in Hong Kong he had to write to England for cases to be sent out in which to pack them and send them to England to his bookseller.'It gave me quite a turn, [he said], my first thought was that the fates were fighting against my getting oin with the publication of my volumes.