Marketing companies sell dating profiles

27-Nov-2017 04:05

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Instead of encouraging users to continue to hide behind a screen, Cheekd pushes you to engage in social settings while paying attention to potential matches in the area.

Our new dating app gives us the power to light the spark face-to-face first, and leave the talking for later.

The financial barriers have definitely been the biggest challenge when it’s come to marketing Cheekd.

We initially hired a PR firm a couple of months before our 2010 launch and they managed to get us covered in a few small publications, but after paying them nearly K, I realized I had more passion for the subject, had tons of connections to start out and could do what they were doing and decided to go for it.

“Move over,, this is the next generation of online dating.” A couple of days later, I got a call from Oprah Winfrey’s Studio asking for an interview. I left my job and started working full time on Cheekd in November of 2010.

Soon after, Cheekd went global with customers in 47 states in the U. and 28 countries internationally, but that didn’t make for instant success…After finishing off my savings from my 15 year career in architecture, I had to get extremely creative to continue funding my business. I made nearly ,000 by selling my designer clothes at consignment shops and on e Bay, doing focus groups, secret shopping, app testing, dog walking, house sitting, watering plants and by selling my electronics and other odds and ends around my apartment on Craigslist. The biggest chunk of cash came from renting out my West Village Studio in NYC on Air Bn B, while I couch surfed for 14 months, nearly got evicted and ultimately lost my lease of 5 years in my gorgeous apartment.

I’ve taken a crash course in building a business and failing has probably been the greatest lesson of all. My new partner and I are launching a new Bluetooth based business/ networking app that works similarly to Cheekd.

A few months later, we popped up on the cover of the Styles Section of The New York Times…

In September of 2013, I found myself walking down that scary shark infested hallway into a stare off with 5 of the harshest millionaire investors in the world. When I proclaimed I was going to change the population with my reverse engineered online dating business, serial entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, rolled his eyes, called me delusional and immediately snapped, “I’m out.” Billionaire investor, Kevin O’Leary, demanded that I quit my “hobby” and shoot my business—my passion– like a rabid dog.

After getting shot down by all five Sharks, I looked them in the eye and said, “Trust that you’ll all see me again.” Although those final bold words of mine ended up on the cutting room floor (adding insult to injury), in the 48 hours after the broadcast, received a record breaking 100,000 unique visitors and our inbox filled up with thousands of emails insisting that the Sharks were “out of their minds” for not investing.” A little under 50 of those emails were from interested investors.

In February of 2008, I was out to dinner with an architectural colleague.

He’d spotted an attractive woman at a nearby table and scribbled, “want to have dinner? After over two years of brainstorming how to remove the “business” out of the business card, I launched Cheekd– a deck of ice-breaking dating cards with a unique code that lead the recipient to the privacy protected online dating profile of the mysterious stranger who slipped them the card where the two could start communicating online. After walking in circles for an entire year with this glowing light bulb above my head (my idea), I met a couple of startup guys at a Mardi Gras party who also found my idea “genius.” We sat down that following Monday and started building what became Cheekd.While the physical cards worked anywhere in the world and were a perfect way to break the ice, we found a few barriers; the main one being that our users were still quite intimidated to walk up and slip a card to a total stranger.

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