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Research differs somewhat in terms of gender-based patterns of sexual addiction.For example, some studies describe males who are introverted and highly educated as more inclined to develop an Internet addiction, including sexual Internet addiction.Humorous Personality Test - Analyze your personality into 1 of 16 funny types. Has IQ, personality, life insurance longevity, substance abuse tests, etc.Stress Test - How stressed are you versus how stress do you THINK you are? Please read farther down this page for more information about the uses of online psychological and personality tests and quizzes.

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Statistics show that a small percentage of college-aged people suffer from a sex addiction at any one time.

The presence of a learning disability increases the risk of developing a sex addiction as well.

As people with a history of suffering from any addiction are at risk for developing another addiction, being dependent on something else makes it more likely for sexual addiction to occur.

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Other studies indicate that middle-aged women using home computers were more at risk for Internet sexual addiction.